Since both me and my wife have a taste for genealogy, we think it would be fun to create a website, so the family can see how everything fits together.

Interest in genealogy has occurred some years ago, when we have two genealogy books lying one on my grandfather's side and the other on my grandmother's side. Moreover, we have obtained a copy of Kirsten's grandfather's side. All these details we would like to have written into a genealogy program so that we could better provide an overview of our families. But we soon found out that there were missing some information.
At that time, it has become possible to search information on the records online, so we thought it would be fun to try if we could even find out anything. We managed to find some of the missing information, and soon it was fun to dig a little more. It meant also that we had to train ourselves to read and decipher the many ancient alphabets, what actually is something of a feat.

Since we have found a great deal on both mine and Kirsten's grandparents

It was during the search on Kirsten's grandmother's side, we could remember there was something with a sister who had emigrated to the United States and then it started to get exciting if it was possible to find information about what had become of her. We managed using pictures that had been sent home from the United States (as Kirsten's uncle had saved). Luckily, there was written on the back, so we could find names and dates that made the search a little easier. In this way we have found her sister Marie's son, as we have managed to make contact with.
Thereby came the idea for a website, so we could provide information to the family in the United States about their family and relatives here in Denmark.

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